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Real Estate Appraisal

 The appraisal of a property aims to determine its value at a specific point in time, so that the owner or interested buyer has a complete and objective knowledge of its value. It is established that the time of sale of a property depends on its price. If the selling price is set at levels higher than its true value, it will most likely not be sold!

There are two ways for an owner to lose money. One is to set a low price for his property, and the other is to set a high price and there is a loss of income from the delay of sale or lease. Appraisal is a crucial step in disposing of your property, so it is best to seek the help of a specialist.

Magna Real Estate and its certified partners have a thorough knowledge of the appraisal process, experience in real estate appraisals as well as a complete market knowledge.

Avoid determining the price based on the prices listed in real estate portals, because many times these properties are overpriced and are not ideal as a measure of comparison.

Necessary documents for the assessment:

• Topographical

• Floor plans and plans of buildings

• Building permit form

• Copy of contract

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